Play of Consciousness with Rashmi Thirtha Jyoti

RashmiShe is a mystic, whose artistic expression transforms a blank  canvas into a sheer wonder. Her art is a portal of energetic healing. Her paintings are a visual experience, rich with colors and layered with esoteric wisdom that it leaves one soaked in sheer fascination and marvelous ancient- new insights! Meet Rashmi Thirtha Jyoti – a healer-artist who found her Northstar in midst of the disharmonious experiences of her earlier years. Graced by the love of a Guru (enlightened master), her intense inner longing for Love and truth coupled with her innate abilities of clairvoyance and claircognizance awakened her to her unique soul purpose – creating Sacred Portals of Healing Art. Explore and experience her myriad creations at

Describe yourself/ I am

I am an energy/vibration (Shakti), be-ing, the creator and the creation in the sacred space of this abundant loving Universe (Shiva).

My experiment with Truth – My Story

My story is a continuum of birth and death in each moment that is alive and full through making choices in truth and love. I say this as I have realized that time is a perception in the third dimension and as we move to other frequencies of consciousness, the past and future dissolve into the now. Each moment is the Present-Presence, the ever-alive flowing creative energy. As I have awakened to this realm of consciousness, I have realized that there are no rights or wrongs/good or bad. Each exists because of the other and are two sides of the same coin (opposites yet complementary).

I share this story with this knowing and in gratitude to each energy/being who has assisted me in becoming the Be-ing that holds this energy of Love and Light as a service to the Self and the Creation. This revelation has awakened to me through life experiences coupled with Sadhana (Spiritual practices- Meditation/Chanting/healing and painting) and a conscious witnessing of the body-mind-spirit continuum as the Seer and the Seen.

I was born in Bangalore, India and lived there most of my life until I moved to Seattle, USA in 2010. I was born a mystic – a shy and a sensitive child filled with innocence and wisdom. My companions were books and colors. Fairytales, mythological stories, folklores, shapes and symbols fascinated me. Life happened and my cells (body memory) forgot this for over two decades and have now re-awakened and remembered this unique Soul Signature of my Higher Self, which has led to the revelation of the Healer-Artist in me.

My early childhood was spent in a not too functional joint family and then in a highly dissonant nuclear family consisting of my parents, my younger brother and me. This dissonance included emotional abuse, trauma, abandonment and betrayal. This subconscious programming attracted the same conditions in an early marriage at the age of eighteen. The disharmony became even more pronounced in a marriage that lasted 11 years. These were the years that shaped my life into a constant birth-death continuum. The ability to choose and live in love and truth irrespective of the circumstances, the knowing that there was a Higher consciousness/guiding force/grace that always took care of me and loved me fully made me choose life each time I wanted to choose death.

Through this dissonance, I had managed to become an academic topper with a degree in Civil Engineering and worked as a Structural Design Engineer in the corporate world for 13 years!

This practice of living my truth and knowing was further strengthened when I met my Guru (spiritual master). He awakened me to the Oneness within and without in the form of unconditional Love. He appeared in my dream and called me to his ashram (spiritual abode) and embraced me with unconditional love and nurturing. As I awakened to the Guru Tattva and started reprogramming the trauma of my previous years I was guided to the Love of my life Rishi – my twin essence, companion and husband.

A few months into my marriage with Rishi, my body gave up due the earlier years of trauma and abuse. This awakened me to the realization that each cell of my body needed healing and loving guidance in order to function and move into ease from dis-ease. We moved to Seattle and the awakenings took a quantum leap. Revelations unfolded in the form of guides, healing and painting. I started a deep process of healing through my gifts of clairvoyance and claircognizance.

At this stage of  healing I met a friend/guide/wayfarer who awakened me to the Twin Soul Consciousness (a Soul frequency match of another me/you-me who is ultimately and completely me). The knowing that my husband is my Twin Soul and the purpose of choosing and being this twin soul consciousness at this time, as the planet and humanity is awakening to the gift of multidimensional reality has been a sacred revelation. The past year and a half has been a quantum leap in this realm of Self Realization. This has organically led to direct downloads and visions of ancient-new knowledge of the Vedas and the Tantra in the realm of Twin Soul consciousness.

This revelation along with the siddhis of clairvoyance and energy work guided me to give form to Sacred Portals of Healing through my Paintings and Writings. This wisdom and art that channels through me are in service to the creative energy of the One/Shiva-Shakti Consciousness.

Is there a process to your art? Where do you get the idea for the painting? And how does it translate into a sacred healing from it being a blank canvas?

Each time I stand in front of a blank canvas (Shiva), Shakti awakens within, enticing me into magical realms of consciousness. This begins the mystical journey of bringing her energetically alive in the physical realm. The paintbrush becomes the magic wand, colors the magic and me the magician. I play with her as she awakens and heals with each stroke, each image, each color and each word, transforming the canvas into a sacred healing portal.

An intuitive sacred meditative process births these creations. The images, colors and messages that emerge in this deep inquiry create a visual story. Sometimes it emerges as a healing revelation to the inquiry. At times I just wake up with a dream /a vision of the colors and images. From here I am guided to energetically choose the size of the canvas (I mostly work on sizes starting from 36”x36” as the energy that comes in needs that space to be held). The next step is preparing the portal/canvas to bring in the healing energies. I start by writing the intention in the form of hymns, prayers, poems, phrases and symbols. Then I give it a wash of healing water that I prepare by infusing it with chants (sound), solar energy (sunlight) and lunar energy (moon light). Next is the color wash. I use liquid acrylic colors as I can energetically charge them with sound (chants). I intuitively choose 3 colors and prepare the sacred portal to give form to the vision of colors and symbols that I have seen clairvoyantly.

Once this is done I meditate for a few minutes to call in the energies and the forms of the Divine masculine and Divine feminine that wish to come in as healing energies for that inquiry.  From here on the formless that has taken form guides me. The lights, the darks, the glazes, sacred geometry, colors, words all emerge as I become one and flow with this energy.

Below is the link to a blogpost of the painting story with images of the different stages of progression

What do your paintings depict?

My paintings depict myriad forms of the Universal Healing Energy present in the creative womb of Shakti (the Divine Feminine). These creations are Energetic Signatures of the deep mystical realms of the Universal Consciousness. This Consciousness is a Union of the dynamic creative energy of Shakti (Divine Feminine) and the grounding stillness of Shiva (Divine Masculine). The paintings are a visual mystical evocation of this Sacred Divine Union ever-present within the inner realms of our consciousness as the Universal Creative Healing Energy. This empowering creation in turn awakens and heals people and spaces by creating Energetic Pathways of Visual Imprint of Sacred Union within and without.

What role does discipline play in a creative artist’s life? How do you give structure when the process is so unstructured/ in one’s mind.

The structure is within the unstructured formless realm. Just being present fully to this ever-alive formless energy in each moment reveals the form/structure that needs to be birthed as a Universal healing creative energy through me (who is but a form of the formless One 🙂

Who was your biggest influence or inspiration for art?

My gift of clairvoyant visions and knowing has been the biggest inspiration. I had no choice but to give form to these beautiful visions of multidimensional realities of consciousness.

What is the hardest part of following your intuition? 

The hardest part is to allow and trust the knowing/intuition .This needs a leap of faith to go beyond the small mind and its conditioning of be-ing in the practical real world.

What fears/ resistance did your choice of following your calling bring out within you?

The biggest fear is the fear of being Me wholly in complete resonance with my unique energetic Soul Signature. To show up each moment and be the Love and Light that I know I am despite the resistance that shows up in the form of bodily dis-ease, lack in the form of time and finances, ego in the form of alone-ness and small mind.

I have been a witness to each of these as they have risen within me to be seen, known and transformed. Each transformation has been a leap of faith into the unknown. I say unknown, as each path is unique, so there is no known till I tread this way and give form to my unique self-Soul Signature.

How do you bring a creative solution to it?

Being the Love, being the blessing is the creative solution that my soul emanates. The innocence, purity and wisdom that radiates by being this love and blessing dismantle/dissolves/transforms any dissonance/challenges that arise as I give form to my unique formless consciousness/soul signature.

You speak of  Soul signature. What is it? And does everyone have one? Does one’s soul signature mean one’s life purpose?

Each one of us is a Unique ray of the Divine. We are an energy that vibrates at a certain frequency and takes myriad forms in each dimension. This frequency takes the form of a human/physical body in the third dimension, that emanates a particular unique frequency of love, gentleness, generosity, healing and so on. This unique frequency that we radiate is our Soul signature. Awakening to this uniqueness of the soul/Soul signature has awakened me to my soul purpose in the now.

Each moment is a birth-death continuum as I have mentioned earlier and as we move through dimensions this uniqueness also becomes a choice of many possibilities/purposes, the ultimate being merging/dissolving into the One.

 Why do you think giving/ sharing your art is important?

Creating and offering is inevitable to keep the inner and outer realms of consciousness in harmony. This is a happening. My sacred art is an offering/service from my Self to the One Creative energy that is so alive and present in each moment of creation. I have a choice of being choice less in this inevitableness.

What does painting bring out within you?

Painting is the expression (in the form) of my (formless) Soul Signature. This is again a happening. The unique wisdom that channels through me/by Me needs an expression, and I translate that into Sacred Portals of healing through painting using colors and sacred geometry. Each time I paint I merge as Shakti into Shiva (duality to Oneness) and flow into the expansive energy of Advaita (Oneness).

Any final words?

This is a very special month for me as it has two full moons and two Guru Poornimas. Guru (Tattva) is an essence/an energy who leads/awakens you to the light within and without. I have been blessed to have the guidance of this Guru Tattva all my life. I bow in gratitude to all who have awakened me to my fully blossomed Guru Tattva.

I share this blessing that flowed through me in this sacred time as an offering to the One:

May the Guru in You Light the Guru in Me

May you be the seen in the seer

May you be the unseen in the seen

May you be the light in the lit

May you be the lit in the creation


May you be the blessing in the blesser

May you be the healing in the healer

May you be the Love in the lover

May you be the Love in the loved


May you be the fullness in the emptiness

May you be the emptiness in the fullness

May you be the Shiva in Shakti

May you be the Shakti in Shiva


May you be the Guru in Shiva-Shakti

May you be the Guru in me

May you be the Guru in you

May you be the Guru in All

May you be the Guru in One

May you be the Guru in None


May you be the One in the None

May you be the None in the One.

In gratitude to the infinite all-encompassing Guru who is present in me as my Guru/Twinsoul mate/Self/One. Brightest Blessings as you embody this fullness of Love and Light within and without!

Quick bites about you 🙂

My Dream Vision

To embody and vibrate at the frequency of a Loving-Blessing Presence in all dimensions of consciousness.

 A quote that best mirrors me 

‘In the silent chamber of the heart, I am in You as You, You are in Me as Me. Ha! What a Blessing! – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

My favorite color

I see colors as frequencies of vibration. So each color chooses itself in the moment in each painting depending on the healing energies that channel in through that painting. At the moment my favorite color is Pink-Orange 🙂

A song I can hum at all times

The primordial soundless sound Om and The Atmashtakam composed by Adi Shankaracharya

What makes me do a happy dance!

Witnessing and being ever-present to the Play of Consciousness within and without.

A website/ book/ music I recommend 


  • Celebrating Silence and Commentary on the Ashtavakra Gita by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
  • Autobiography of A Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
  • Living with the Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama
  • Old Path White Clouds by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Vashishta’s Yoga by Swami Venkatesananda
  • The Atmashtakam composed by Adi Shankarachary
  • 108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine
  • Ek Onkar
I share my website as an offering. My vision in creating this energetic space is to share each offering that is born in service to the sacred creative energy of the Universe (Shiva-Shakti) which is present in each one of us as the highest frequency of Love and Light.  The link to the  website is
The one idea that excites you  

The idea of the One/Self/All be-ing and radiating the highest frequency of Love in all dimensions of existence and possibilities.

– As told to Dharini Vasudevan

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